HCDOAV-6124A3-1Are you aware that you might be banned from participating in competitive sports if you test positive for banned drugs during tests conducted by the World Anti Doping Agency? You might test positive even if you have not taken the drug. For example, if you stay with friends who smoke or vape marijuana, the fine particulates of that drug eventually permeate your system. Does this imply that your career is ruined, as the presence of that drug will eventually show up in urine tests? The good news is that you can effortlessly pass a urine drug test with the help of TestClear, which is powdered urine. Lets move on with this Test Clear review.

Difference between powdered and synthetic urine
Most people do not know the difference between synthetic and powdered urine. The former is made in laboratories with chemicals, which are designed to imitate human urine. However, in order to pass the urine test, you require high-quality synthetic urine, an impossible task, considering the number of websites that sell cheap stuff imported from third world countries, which rarely work. On the other hand, powdered urine is made by dehydrating real human urine. You can easily depend on this to pass a urine test. Once again, instead of purchasing this product from the first online store you come across, ensure that you opt for TestClear, which is the global leader in the manufacture of powdered urine – just like the old style aloe rid shampoo.

What does the kit contain?
It contains everything you require to pass a urine test successfully. It consists of an ampoule containing powdered urine, a plastic vessel together with a cover to take the liquefied urine to the test center, one temperature strip, plus two pieces of heaters, activated by exposure to air. You will not require the plastic vial with a lid if the authorities of WADA provide you with a receptacle to collect your urine sample.

How to use it?
Using this kit is so simple that anyone can do it effortlessly. Take some lukewarm water in the vial and add some warm water. Now close the vial with the lid provided and shake it vigorously in order to liquefy the powder. Once you have completed this process, paste one of the heater strips to the tube, on the opposite of the temperature strip. Confirm the temperature… it ought to be between 90 degrees and 99 degrees. You can now pour this solution into the receptacle provided by WADA.

Is it accurate?
The consistency of the dissolved liquid has the same specific gravity, odor, and color of that of human urine. The temperature mentioned above is the same as that of human urine. You can be sure that you will pass the test successfully when you submit this liquid.

Prevention is better than cure
While you can depend on TestClear to pass a urine test, it is ideal to avoid taking drugs or stay in the company of those who smoke marijuana, for at least two weeks prior to the drug test day.

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