Important Things To Know About Urine Drug Test

There are times when we are requested to provide our urine sample for drug testing. Testing of urine is considered to be noninvasive and quick. It is known to yield fast and accurate results concerning the amount and type of drugs one might have taken.

However, there are some important things people need to know when it comes to urine drug testing. Here are some of the popular questions.

Why are urine drug tests conducted?

We do have several circumstances within which you might be requested to provide your urine sample for testing.

Employment Requirement

Working under the influence of drugs is never allowed in jobs regardless of the industry. Although most employers are known not to subject their employees to drug tests, there are some who will always request for it before you receive the final nod for employment. Testing for drug use will most commonly be recommended at the start of employment and some employers will require it done on an occasional basis to help in ensuring the staff is not under the influence of drugs when they are at work. The drug tests are very common in workplaces that require safety assurance like those that will need one to operate heavy machinery. Another reason, which may warrant drug testing at the place of work, is in case of an accident and if an insurer or employer might be interested in knowing if, the use of the drug was a contributing factor.

School requirements

Some schools authorities might warrant a test for drug use to ensure the environment is safe from drug use. Although drug testing in school is not as frequent as testing for drug use in the workplace, testing of drug use in school will help in identifying the students who use illicit drugs and whom early treatment would be of great help to their future.

Sporting Requirements

Conducting urine drug test is very common in sporting activities especially to the sportsmen competing at much higher levels. The tests are carried out to help in detecting if there is any use of performance-enhancing drugs whose purpose is not recommended in any sports.

Probation requirements

It does not matter if an individual who has been prosecuted in courts and served his time has undergone addiction treatment or not; the court will always need the person to undergo random drug tests to help in ensuring that he or she is always sober throughout the probation period.

Urine tests will help in offering a faster and easier way of assessing whether or not an individual has been adhering to the requirements of the court to ensure he or she is always free from drug use.
Parental Requirements

In case a parent suspect’s one of his children is using illicit drugs, the parent might request for a urine drug test to help confirm if it is accurate and if positive, put in place measures that will ensure the right treatment is conducted.

Common Types of Drugs, which can be, detected Through Urine test

Not all drugs can be detected by carrying out a urine test. However, there are several common drugs which can easily be detected by carrying out a urine drug test. Below is a list of drugs, which can be detected through urine tests.

• Cocaine
• Methamphetamine
• Opioids
• Nicotine
• Marijuana
• Amphetamines
• Alcohol

One of the first steps in assisting any person who is under substance use disorder is carrying out urine tests. Performing randomized follow-up testing can also be of great help in ensuring one maintains sobriety over a long period.